National Humanities Center Mission Statement

The National Humanities Center is a private, nonprofit organization, and the only independent institute dedicated exclusively to advanced study in all areas of the humanities. Through its residential fellowship program, the Center provides scholars with the resources necessary to generate new knowledge and further understanding of all forms of cultural expression, social interaction, and human thought. Through education programs, the Center strengthens teaching on the collegiate and pre-collegiate levels. Through public engagement intimately linked to its scholarly and educational programs, the Center promotes understanding of the humanities and advocates for appreciation of their foundational role in a democratic society.

Message from Ben Vinson III

Dear Trustees,

Welcome to the National Humanities Center’s online portal! In addition to regular updates and new features describing the latest affairs of the Center, this site contains our semi-annual board books and meeting materials. Please use this portal to remain abreast of our activities, to connect with other Trustees, and to plan for future meetings. For those of you who prefer working with printed materials, the site allows you to select and print any or all documents.

We are continually seeking ways to improve our interactions and communication. Please feel free to give Heidi Camp any feedback that you may have. Thank you for your stewardship of the Center and for your dedication to its mission and values.

Ben Vinson III

Ben Vinson III